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A Long-Term
Care Plan
that lets you
stay at home

Specializing in Long-Term Care Insurance Solutions


We understand the financial and emotional stress that caregiving can place on a family. Working with       a specialist that can provide solutions for long term care is the key. Long term care may be the single biggest financial risk that most Americans face – it could be the one thing that could force you to spend your retirement savings. Dana Dee, CLTC specializes in long-term care solutions. Maybe you think it is  too early, or maybe you just don’t want to think about it. If you suffer a major health crisis that leaves you dependent on someone else, you’ll  be glad you planned ahead. 

Plan for long-term care today  while you are still young
and healthy


Dana was awesome in helping us learning about long term care coverage...we have enjoyed working with her..”

Joe M

I had been considering getting a long term insurance policy for some time and Dana was always available to answer my questions and help me through the decision-making process without pressure.



Dana It has been three years since I signed on with you for our Long Term Care Insurance and I am happy we got involved when we did. It gives my wife and I sense of security not knowing what's in the future for us.

Joseph Freitas

Dana has shown a kindness and thoughtfulness to my family that demonstrates true commitment and passion for what she does. She is very knowledgable as well as caring and I highly recommend her.”


Barbara M

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